Pet policy of Alaska Airlines
Created 3 months ago by tripohelp

When you are traveling with your whole family to your favorite destination, you would not want to leave your pet alone at home. Many passengers wish to travel with their pets, but they are not aware of whether the airline will allow it. Well, Alaska Airlines understand the passengers' concern, so they provide a pet policy for its passengers so that they can bring their pets along. Let us see the policy mentioned below. If you have any doubt regarding this, you can call on the Alaska airlines reservations number. Pet policy of Alaska Airlines: The passengers are allowed to carry clean and well-behaved small dogs, cats, and household birds in the airline. Pets that you are carrying must be eight weeks old to travel in the cabin. The first class of Alaska Airlines allows only one pet in the cabin. The passengers can carry up to 2 pets in the main cabin. The second pet must travel under the adjacent seat purchased by the passengers. The Alaska airline does not need a health certificate for the pets flying in the cabin. Only the destination state will require the health certificate if you are originating in an international location. Pets must be watered and fed within 4 hours of checking-in. The passengers should provide adequate food and water to the pets for the duration of the flight.