File Storage Field Types Update

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have just recently updated the field types leveraging file storage to improve reliability in environmental changes and migrating. The affected field types are:

  • Markdown
  • Editor

We've removed file syncing due to performance and reliability issues revolving around the syncing process. This means that you will no longer have a storage file to edit that will sync back into the database. The updates have dramatically simplified the field types as they now leverage the core Template utility for managing storage files.

All field types have been updated to 3.1. The change is backwards compatible in majority cases. One exception would be if you reference the editors storage file specifically from the view layer like storage::example/field/content.twig or similar (this is very rare). In this case you will want to get the path from the field type presenter like {% verbatim %}{% include entry.example_field.path %}{% endverbatim %} for example. For everyone else you can simply update your composer files accordingly, update, and continue about your business :-)

PyroCMS v3.5 and v3.6 have both been updated to include these new versions by default.

- Ryan