Introducing Pyro PRO

Ryan Thompson Releases

We are excited to announce unlimited licensing for ALL of our private addons with Pyro PRO! Check it out!


  • Personal or Commercial Use
  • Use in Unlimited Projects
  • 30+ First Party Addons
  • GitHub Access
  • $25/month

How does it work?

Pyro PRO includes the PRO license and GitHub access for every single one of our private addons and every single private addon we ever make. With an active subscription you're free to use whatever you want however you want as much as you want. If you decide to cancel, you can take what you've built with you.

Only 25 bucks?

That's right. We value people, we value simplicity, and we believe it's the right thing to do. Pyro's vision is to help cultivate success for our developers by aiding day to day development. Reducing the time to market for your projects and keeping your overhead low are how PRO helps accomplish this. We believe that a flat rate $25/month subscription is the best way to do that for agencies and individuals alike.

I was part of the pre-sale. What now?

Let me start by saying THANK YOU for your support. The pre-sale was a pivotal success for Pyro early on.

Pre-sale buyers have had GitHub access for almost a year now. As we've mentioned in previous posts it's finally time to close out that GitHub team. No worries though! You will still of course get 1 license for every addon I ever make as promised and delivered. However it will not be delivered via GitHub but through the store as I push addons there (after they are documented).

As requested by some of our pre-sale community I am delaying the team revocation until this coming Friday January 20th. Please download and make any project adjustments if needed based on this change or join go PRO by then. That evening the pre-sale GitHub team will be removed.

Going forward I will as always post, tweet, share, and shout about new addons - please get ahold of me to get your downloads from our current store. When we launch our Pyro based store this will be automated and downloads will be pushed into your account.