PyroCMS 3.2

Ryan Thompson Releases

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What better way to start 2017 than release our best PyroCMS yet.

Version 3.2 includes core addon improvements, performance improvements, numerous small features and bug fixes and a new theme to accompany our branding revisions and fine tune the control panel experience.


  • Brand new admin theme.
  • Core addon improvements.
  • Fixed created_by relations.
  • Added Whoops! exception handler.

New Admin Theme

In 3.2 we have reintroduced sidebar navigation. Cleaned up UI components, improved workspace, and updated branding.

A simple, clean, and consistent control panel that is faster and easier to use.

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Our previous theme fixed a lot of issues from our pre-release theme. And we learned a TON from the previous theme as well. What we have created from these previous two themes is a friendly, efficient, fast, and more intuitive theme with the best from both it's predecessors. It has a gentle learning curve and vastly more streamlined flow with optional keyboard controls and better functional focusing which means less trips to the mouse for daily users.

Core Addon Improvements

We have made a large number of small core addon improvements. We added url() to Files to reveal real URL locations, improving Pages and Posts to use better Twig patterns letting you extend parent blocks other than content from your post/page or type layouts. Changes have been documented.

Fixed Created/Updated By Relations

We've fixed the created_by and updated_by user relations. The columns are now created_by_id and updated_by_id and return the relation when used on the entry and the related user when accessed as an attribute.


Added Whoops! Exception Handler

Ever since Laravel dropped Whoops! a while back I for one have sorely missed it. Whoops! is a much more helpful exception handler and will surely help speed up your development process.

Update Process

3.2 has an easy migration path. Be sure to backup before updating just in case though!

1.) Update composer.json requirements according to

2.) Run composer update

3.) Run php artisan migrate --path=vendor/anomaly/streams-platform/migrations/application

4.) Run php artisan migrate --all-addons

5.) Force the theme with ADMIN_THEME=pyrocms.theme.accelerant in your .env

That's it! You might want to clear view cache and assets depending on your environment.

What's next?

This release marks a real point of maturity for Pyro. We've addressed some long standing issues with branding, we've used our past experience to nail down an outstanding admin theme, and we've solidified many aftermarket addons we've been working on for some time, and Pyro and the Streams Platform's codebase is really solid.

From here, I can again focus more on videos and documentation and a few other business related developments. The eCommerce suite is back in forward motion as well and I will be updating everyone accordingly with progress.

Pre-Sale GitHub License

The time has also finally come to close down Github access for the Pre-Sale team. I will remove the team Friday the 13th (woa.. not planned) before end of day.

Stay tuned for how you can keep GitHub access indefinitely!

Thank you again as always for the support and I look forward the growing with the community in 2017!


- Ryan Thompson