PyroCMS 3.4

Ryan Thompson Releases

We are very pleased to announce version 3.4 of PyroCMS is ready to go!

For more information on features and updates please checkout the beta release article:

Upgrading from 3.3

Upgrading is a similar process as other releases:

Update composer.json

Update your composer.json file to include all of the composer requirements from the 3.4 branch:

Don't forget the require-dev includes:

And lastly ensure the new extra section is copied over for autoloading addons:


A few PRO addons have been updated to require newer versions of Streams Platform. I will continue to fill in composer requirements for core and PRO addons in the next few days.


Next migrate the streams platform by running the following command: php artisan migrate --path=vendor/anomaly/streams-platform/migrations/application

Then migrate all the addons: php artisan migrate --all-addons

Published Config

Please double check your published config files IF you have published the Streams Platform to override configuration. The filters key in your assets.php config file should be removed from your published config file IF it is present.


What's Next?

We are currently working on very big things! All expected to hit before Christmas:

  • Payments and subscription manager
  • Remote updates and addon management
  • The blocks building system

Thank you to everyone for helping get this release out and testing! The help I've received from our growing community is very much appreciated.

- Ryan