PyroCMS 3.5-beta1

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have finished Pyro v3.5 and put it into a quick Beta. PyroCMS v3.5 includes new features and tools for developers, managers, and users alike.

Try it out!

composer create-project pyrocms/pyrocms:3.5.x-dev

There have been loads of new little features and bug fixes to the system as a whole but here are a few of my favorites:


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Versioning is extremely easy to implement into your custom addons. Core addons now come ready to version out of the box as well. Keep track of who changed what and when and easily load previous versions to restore or pull information from.

Form Locks

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Form locking prevents users from editing the same content at the same time and overriding each other. It is now default behavior to lock forms based on the models contained within. Users trying to access the same form or forms that edit the same models will be presented with a message letting them know it's currently being worked by someone else.

Blocks Module

The blocks module now comes included out of the box. Read more about blocks here:

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Core Addons

  • You can now toggle between tree and table view of pages.
  • Numerous core addons now leverage versioning.
  • Blocks module comes included out of the box.
  • Improved category SEO for posts.


  • Added $restricts array attribute to automatically restrict deleting of relationship entries while restricting entries still exist.
  • Added $addons array to addon classes to enable easier loading of child-addons.


  • Added named asset loading to prevent multiple packages loading common libraries.
  • Converted a number of field types to native JS. This is our general direction now.
  • Improved usability for forms by preventing multiple successive submissions and submission indicators.
  • Added browser history to form tabs.
  • Improved performance for various built in components.


First update your composer.json file. Copy the composer requirements from the 3.5 composer.json to your own and run a composer update to make sure you have the same dependencies as the 3.5 branch:

Then follow the usual steps in upgrading:

That's it!

Backwards Compatibility

The Editor, WYSIWYG, and Markdown field types have all been bumped to v3.0 and no longer utilize file storage/syncing. We are moving away from syncing and file system dependencies with these field types in order to improve performance around them. No API changes have been made but the behavior no longer includes syncing from the file system into the field type's database storage.

Please keep us posted on issues here:


- Ryan