PyroCMS 3 - Major Release

Ryan Thompson Releases

Over 5,000 commits in the making, PyroCMS is officially back with it's newest and most powerful stable release ever!

We are SUPER excited to announce PyroCMS v3.


  • We're still free!
  • We're still open source.
  • We're now using an MIT license.
composer create-project pyrocms/pyrocms

Pyrocms Is Back!

Not that we ever went anywhere, but let's face it.. anyone who hasn't been following along wouldn't recognize a single thing about Pyro but it's name since 2.2.5 back in 2014. Since then the company has switched hands, our CI version has been put into a deprecation cycle, we killed a 2.3 branch with months of effort invested in it, we've rebuilt everything from the ground up on Laravel, we've rebranded twice, we've been through an intense pre-release cycle, redefined almost everything that is Pyro in every way, and built some awesome things with it along the way.

Most everything you loved from 2.x has been improved and rethought. Here are some of our favorites!

Control Panel

Our simple approachable control panel has been vastly improved and introduces and powerful new UI layer to let developers control everything with ease. Re-theming Pyro's admin can now be done in just hours.

Database Design

Pyro's straight forward, human readable, BS-free database design has been improved with automated scaffolding and schema management (I haven't created a column or scaffolded a database manually in ages). Laravel style migrations and seeders replace the old mile-long details.php files.


Streams has been reimagined, rethought, and reimplemented. 2.2 marked the beginning of incorporating the wildly popular Streams API into Pyro's core. Pyro 3 is now 100% powered by Streams via the Streams Platform.


Past versions of Pyro didn't automate much of anything at all (were builders even a thing then?). Pyro 3 comes with powerful builders for nearly everything. Scaffold your database, controllers, models, presenters, entity namespaces, and more.


The addon layer has been rebuilt with composer in mind. All core addons are now composer packages. Developers can effortlessly add their own addons to their favorite package repositories too.


We've added a brand new addon type called "Extensions". Extensions are a do-almost-anything addon type that encourage developers to build addons that are closed to change but open to extension. This addon type alone will single handedly change the way developers think of and build addons. Very cool stuff.


Pyro now does more than ever right out of the box. Spin up quick sites in no time or get a huge head start on large applications. Every addon from 2.x has been rewritten and improved to offer more power, versatility and ease of use than previous versions. Building addons is now a streamlined, low learning-curve, and painless process thanks to builders and new addon structure.

The Future of PyroCMS

This release marks a huge milestone in Pyro's new life. With a stable release under our belt we can focus on documenting our products, building Pyro's visibility in the PHP community, building a store, forum, help center, and focusing on our own community growth.


Documentation is a huge ongoing task (contribution is welcome)! We will be continuing to develop documentation and improve that experience. Along with the store, documentation is our top priority.

PHP Community

Tell your friends about us! With a stable release we can comfortably start promoting Pyro in the community.

Addon Store

A store is an integral part of distributing not only our own ideas and products but also yours. The store, along with documentation is top priority.


Previously our forums were powered by third party software. Going forward, we will strive to power everything with Pyro and showcase it's ability by example. Even our Disqus plugin will be replace by a future commenting module (likely offering Disqus as an extension).

Help Center

One of our goals going forward is educating developers and their teams on how to use Pyro to work better. A community driven help center / knowledge base will be the home base for learning everything Pyro. Fostering a skilled successful community is very important to us.


The pre-sale is officially closed - and on that note, I am extending the offer to include 1 license for everything I build for Pyro, ever. Your patience has been truly appreciated.

Thank You!

Thank you again to everyone who's allowed me to pepper them with questions / requests for feedback. Thank you for all of the pre-order buyers. Thank you to all of the developers for taking the plunge and building awesome things with Pyro and providing feedback and bug reports. It's been a huge effort! And there is plenty more to come.

- Ryan Thompson