PyroCMS 3 - RC1

Ryan Thompson Releases

Ready for Prime Time

Pyro 3 has been a lot of work. To think how many times I've rewritten namespaces, services, addons, and even UI and theming / branding, it is nothing short of awesome to see Pyro 3 in it's RC form. While many of us are not new to using Pyro in production, this release marks a huge milestone in legit-ness and mass consumption.

What's Changed

The RC1 release introduces a few new features, but mostly a lot of small tweaks and bug fixes throughout the entire system. Here are some of the more notable changes:

  • Configurable main navigation.
  • Standardized core UI components.
  • A robots.txt file manager has been added.
  • An automated sitemap.xml API has been added.
  • Most all of the modules have been improved and/or adjusted.
  • UI workflow improvements mean using Pyro is even more enjoyable.

Much of the work was not release related.

Before RC1 could be released, the branding for needed to be updated to match, documentation management needed to be fleshed out, a solid plan for future releases and community support needed to be considered and planned, as well as many other "getting ready" type actions.

  • has been updated (but that's a given).
  • A Documentation module (available to pre-sale license holders) has been finished.
  • An eCommerce suite has been initiated and is well on it's way. The same Store that powers will be available for sale.
  • Writing and updating / standardizing of documentation is under way.

What's Next

As of this writing, I am getting ready to tag RC2 which will mark the end of the pre-release cycle. After RC2 is tagged my efforts will be focused primarily on the store and documentation which are both coming along excellently.

Our plan is to release Pyro 3.0 with the store within 6 weeks. At that point I would love the entire system to have an initial documentation effort done and complete.

Bonuses for release would be a simple forums module and the commenting system. Both addons are simple but versatile by design and should not take much effort. No promises though as store and docs are both mission critical.

Thanks again to everyone for helping out and getting involved!

- Ryan