PyroCMS v3.7

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PyroCMS v3.7 has been a little while coming and as such is a bit of a hefty update. We've added new features and improved a number of old ones. Let's take a look at what we've done and talk about where we're headed.

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Change Log

Here are some highlights from PyroCMS v3.7

  • Upgraded to Laravel 5.8.
  • Improving documentation and started adding Change Logs to documentation.
  • Changed addon generators to help leverage Bootstrap 4 and Laravel Mix.
  • Deprecated Assetic and introduced a simpler and more performant Asset workflow.
  • Introduced build and refresh Artisan commands and system events.
  • Deprecated the Legacy Installer (use Composer).
  • Created a table plugin function similar to the form function.
  • Introduced a new shortcut UI component for the control panel.
  • Introduced automatic controller routing for the control panel.
  • Fixed up a murky view override system.
  • Introduced the System module based on Laravel's Telescope.
  • Rewrote the Addons module to start improving the over-the-air addon management experience.
  • Improved performance of a handful of core addons by leveraging new system refresh and build hooks.
  • The Settings and Preferences modules dumps config-bound settings and preferences to a cache file and also maintains config:cache rebuilding if needed.
  • The Redirects moduel now dumps redirects and alternate domain redirects to cache file for faster boot-up.
  • Fixed bugs within HTTP cache that would cause dropped sessions and disabled HTTP cache by default for logged in users.
  • Made Page slugs translatable.
  • Made Post slugs translatable.
  • Added move functionality to Files module.
  • Vastly improved file.url and $file->url() performance.
  • Added the ability to check multiple records in Multiple field type and add all selected entries at once.
  • Added the ability to select multiple files in the Files field type and add all selected files at once.

There's been loads of documentation improvements across the board as well.

What's next?

With 3.7 tagged and out the door my focus will shift towards setting up a foundation and system for writing and generating tests as well as increasing the project's coverage as fast as possible. There are a number of addons both in the default lineup and PRO alike that need house cleaning and preparation for a smooth 3.8 and 4.0 release.

I will also be focusing more on the 4.0 release which introduces an improved control panel, addon marketplace and integration, improved and new CSS UI and JS components. The Addons module changes that accompany the 3.7 release are a direct result of the addon marketplace that will be opening for beta testing soon. I very much look forward to sharing more progress!

- Ryan