PyroCMS v3.8

Ryan Thompson Releases

We are making efforts to ensure a longer-standing and more flexible 3.x branch.

Laravel 8

The Streams Platform has been updated and now includes Laravel 8. Please review the release notes, upgrade guides, and Laravel guides for the impact of this update as it will greatly vary across installations. Core impact is minimal.

Streams Module Included

In one way or another, we have been working on the new Streams v2 engine for about a year. More to come on that, but, as a result, it just does not make sense to withhold such a fundamental addon like the Streams module. The Streams module has been added to the default lineup and is now a public repository.

Looser Constraints

We have loosened semantically versioned dependencies to allow patches.

Discord Server

With the Streams development mentioned above and an evolving core focus and team, we tried out Discord as a community discussion space for fun, and it turns out it's fantastic! Slack is remaining open for the time being, but we are now leading users to the new Streams Discord Server, which includes PyroCMS support channels.