S3 Adapter Extension v2.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

We've just tagged v2.0.0 for the S3 Adapter Extension. This is a smallish update but adds a couple much needed performance and versatility centered changes.

  • Disks can now define custom prefixes (if any) instead of just folder slug prefixes.
  • Static URL generation is MUCH more efficient by bypassing the S3 client and generating the URL manually.
  • Tighter integration with Laravel's filesystem by mirroring the Local Adapter's recent changes in self-configuration during the boot cycle.

Using S3 file URLs is still the same. For example:

{% verbatim %}{{ entry.file_field.url }}{% endverbatim %} //will yield the direct S3 URL to the file.

Upgrading is simple - despite being a major version bump:

  1. Update your composer.json to require v2.0
  2. Composer update
  3. Update your disks to set the prefix as a string

Disks that were previously unprefixed simply leave the input blank. Disks that were previously prefixed enter the slug of the disk itself as the prefix value.


- Ryan