Auto pyro, a deploy tool for Pyro 3
Created 7 years ago by adnan

Hi everyone,

I've been working on two projects the past few weeks (maybe months), Pyro Builder and Auto-pyro, and I have just made a video that demonstrates how the two work together to scaffold and deploy a fresh install of a pyro app with a todo module from the command line,

Here's the link,

My first screencast, ever! .. let me know what you think, especially the background music 😄


ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

That's awesome! How does ant stack up against the other deployment tools available? I admittedly don't know a bunch about it so I don't know what those other tools would be lol but like chef and what not?

adnan  —  7 years ago

Apache Ant has been around since the crack of dawn (just have a look at their website design hh), more known and popular among Java community.

There's nothing that can't be done with Ant, from creating files, database migrations, remote file access, to running javascript code and anything in between. This article is a gentle introduction to the tool.

Most of the build tools around these days keep reinventing the wheel, which is fine, except it's just not as effective and battle tested as Ant, .. however, xml isn't the most pleasant of formats to work with,

Sencha, an extensive Javascript framework for building web/mobile apps uses Apache Ant in their scaffolding tool, CMD,

I did try to convert the build script to Gulp, or Grunt, but I ended up with over 500mb of dependencies, I was like huh, ..