Build a PyroCMS e-commerce site with Snipcart [full tuts, live demo, GH repo]
Created 6 years ago by francois

Hey folks,

Our developer Jean-Seb and I just finished working on a PyroCMS tutorial, and we'd love to get some feedback from the community. Asked in the Slack too, but in case some are more of the forum lurker type, here it is:

Basically, we scaffolded a simple Pyro project, created a new admin e-comm. panel to allow Snipcart product creation, and integrated Snipcart itself into the CMS/site. Result is quite satisfying, and Jean-Seb really enjoyed working with Pyro. He also goes a little further towards the end of the tuts with webhooks and Laravel to handle more complex e-comm. use cases.

Thoughts? Improvements? Mistakes we've made?