Cloning a site that is in repo but has had UI stream amends
Created 5 years ago by kiltedup


Have a site that is in production and in a repo. When it was created there were a load of seeders to add stream module entries, field types, blocks etc etc ....

But since it went live, there have been amends to fields in the page types and streams module - but done by someone in admin via UI.

So - if someone wants to install a clone of this site with ALL content (images etc ....), whats the best way to do it.

Just wondering the best strategy for making sure database, content, images, streams etc are identical to the live site?

This is for someone else who is taking on the development of it ????

Make sense? Thoughts?


edster  —  5 years ago

Just take a full zip of production + database and pass it over.

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

Yep the DB (streams_* tables) will have those custom fields and what not in there. Don't forget to compile 😛

kiltedup  —  5 years ago

Ok - clearly I was going to down the 'make life stupidly difficult' for myself.

So ignore the repo ... just zip up the site, db .....

Simples. Ta!