Extending Pages Module to Add View Sections
Created 7 years ago by failcookie

I feel like I am being needy with some of these questions, but I am just having some massive brain farts on a few of these issues and I cannot find a solid solution. I am looking at trying a few things out and see if I can speed up development on a few projects. I'd like to extend the Pages Module to create a section view for a group of field types that I usually create across projects.

For example - I have a common full screen hero image with the fields: Background Image, Heading, Subheading and Overlay Color. This is standard across most page types. For quick dev, I'd like to create a section for this as a plugin (I think?) and setup the fields from the code and pushed along to X and Y page types.

I have a plugin that I created and added streams to it. What do I need to do next to make sure the custom plugin talks to the Pages module?

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago Best Answer
failcookie  —  7 years ago

Durr. Completely forgot about Grids in this scenario. Definitely was trying to make it harder than it should be for handling content.