Filtering stream entries in module
Created 7 years ago by keevitaja


When you have searchable enabled on a stream and you get the filter form in the streams admin section, it filters by the en locale only.

Is it possible to configure, that filters do not use localization at all? Like when you have entries in multiple locales, you would like to filter from them all.

Also how to define which field to use when filtering a relational field? I have items and categories streams and when i filter items, the filter tries to look for the category id. I would like to filter by its name. Same thing with user. Each item has a relational user. It would be nice to filter by username or something.

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Sounds like you've found a bug for one - but I can definitely explore filtering by all locales.

Relationship filtering is not currently supported out of the box - but you could write your own filter query and use that in the interim.

aidanw  —  7 years ago

Hiya Chaps

Ryan when you say relationship filtering is not supported out of the box is this because when you reference a relationship field in the filters array it will build a query with a LIKE rather than a WHERE?