Installation Issues
Created 7 years ago by flip


I installed the latest PyroCMS 3.x version at and I get an error 500.

I checked again all requirements from your list ( and I fulfil them. I'm using PHP version 5.6.12. I set the permissions for the folders storage, public/app, and bootstrap/cache to 755. I mapped the domain to the "/public" directory which would be good to mention in the installation instructions because it wasn't clear.

Unfortunately I don't see any error in my error logs but only on the website. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

Many thanks,


ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

I just updated the doc the other day when I noticed the issue but Laravel 5.3 requires PHP 5.6.4 so you will need to bump.

For what it's worth I ran into this as well and it DOES very much matter. Taylor uses the splat operator a lot in 5.3 which is the reason for the bump.

flip  —  7 years ago

Laravel 5.3 requires PHP 5.6.4 or higher and my version 5.6.12 is above or what don't I get?

flip  —  7 years ago

Hi Ryan,

Only my /public directory was switched to PHP version 5.6.12 and the directories above still used a lower version. After fixing that, the installation worked out fine.

Unfortunately I noticed that PyroCMS 3.x is much more targeted to developers unlike the previous version with the need to use command line to setup modules and themes.


chendoski  —  7 years ago

I'm having issues on my 1st install and have a few questions:

"After downloading and installing PyroCMS and it's dependencies, you still need to install the software in order to get started. By this time you should be able to visit your site's URL which will cause you to be redirected to the installer."

What does "install the software" mean?
And also what is mapping the domain to "/public" mean as well? apache rewrite? Thanks!

vishal  —  7 years ago

I'm also having the same issue. Please help.

flip  —  7 years ago

Hi Chendoski & Vishal,

You'd need to install the composer via command line and then the PyroCMS software. Unfortunately I find the entry level for non-developers very high - especially if you need to maintain the software (e.g. make security updates etc.). So for me I skipped so far to switch from version 2.x to 3.x though I was able to successfully make an installation after some time.

The PyroCMS software archives includes a directory /public. You need to map your domain to this directory and not the root directory. It has nothing to do with Apache Rewrite.

I hope this helps.