Is there a page forwarding feature?
Created 6 years ago by gonziis

I want to make a redirect/forward action when a user gets in a certain page. For example, when a user gets into /about-us, he instantly gets redirected to /about-us/locations. But I want to keep the empty /about-us page so its more organized in navigation etc. Are there any simple ways to achieve this?

gonziis  —  6 years ago

Found a solution, not as direct though. Made a custom Relationship field for Pages with other Pages in the list. Then on those specific Pages where I want the redirection, I choose the specific Page I want the user to get redirected to. Then on my menu navigation I just set the link to be the page mentioned in the custom field, if the redirection field isn't empty. The user can still access the page though direct links, but not through UI. Not a deal-breaker for me.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

I usually use a simple little redirect page handler extension and type to add redirects IN the pages module. There are a number of ways to handle it though 😊

I might just clean up mine and release it 😄