License question and contribution
Created 5 years ago by iprosoft

Hi, I fount this CMS as best start to my projects so I wan't to use it in my commercial builder and commercial site script. Main CMS and all extensions are licensed by MIT license, I'm right ? Only some plugins can be purchased from You'r site and they have commercial license ? I will make lot of changes in main core or write plugins so maybe there is some step by step roadmap of future changes so I could collaborate ? I have found post with plans about speeding in 4.0 version, do You have any date of release of this version ? What chnges will be made ?

Thanks for great work with Pyrocms

edster  —  5 years ago

The core platform is MIT, there are pro modules that you must pay for. All contributions can be submitted via PR's on GH. I would suggest you join our slack (see the nav item above under community)

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

Hey there! Thanks for your interest and involvement so far 😄

Everything that comes out of the box initially is MIT. Most if not all the free extensions are all MIT. PRO addons however have custom licensing:

I would HIGHLY encourage not modifying core but creating addons around your needed changes and develop your own distribution if I catch your drift. For example a custom admin theme with core view overrides instead of forking streams-platform. This way you can easily stay aligned with us moving forward and achieve your goals around customization as well.

Version 3.7 will be released beta in about a month. Version 4.0 is planned for early summer. Version 4.0, based on our benchmarks, will basically no longer do as much auto-detection and have some more intelligent booting deferral logic for addons. Auto routes are getting nixed as they didn't make a performance improvement. Other than that we're ripping out Assetic in 4.0 (which will be able to be emulated in 3.7 in order to prepare). Also auto-overloading will not be available in 4.0 you will need to override lang, config, etc using core services we'll document and again introduce in 3.7 so you can prepare. Other than that 4.0 will be a backwards compatible release.

Thanks again for your involvement! I hope this answers your questions 😄

iprosoft  —  5 years ago

Great! Thanks for answers. Do You plan to add something in Assetic place ?

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

No we are going to use webkit since it's becoming industry standard to use mix/webkit and the likes. Our themes/addons now scaffold a packages and mix file for you to help ease the transition. Also we're already using it here and there:

Checkout the package.json, webpack.mix.js, and similar usage:

It's just compiled before we ship - so we are adding compiled assets.

iprosoft  —  5 years ago

Ok, thanks for tips. I'll dig into it 😄