Multisite Support
Created 7 years ago by flip


I'm still using PyroCMS 2.x but wanted to migrate to the newest version at some point. Does PyroCMS 3.x support multisite functionality because I don't find any information about this and that was the reason why I chose PyroCMS originally (among others of course).

Does PyroCMS 3.x offer full SSL support out-of-the-box? For PyroCMS 2.x I'm just doing some code changes incl. in core files to get https:// running.

BTW, the forum is really nice. I like its simplicity.



eigotec  —  7 years ago

PyroCMS3 does support multisite, but the module is still in progress. I spoke to Ryan a couple of days ago and he says its almost done and the release of the multisite module is very close. In the meantime you can do it without the multisite module but you'd have to speak to the others on Slack to see whats involved.

flip  —  7 years ago

Many thanks! I'm really looking forward to this module.

markbratanov  —  7 years ago

+1 😄