Server-size Rendering and User Experience,
Created 7 years ago by adnan

Having been watching the latest talks from Chrome Dev Summit 2016, it struck me the considerable amount of changes introduced recently (since last year) to the way we build / should build Web apps.

Decided to share after having read this article just now. It reiterates the new findings / changes Google devs are working on in relation to using the Progressive Web Apps guidelines combined with server-side rendering. The good news was, server-side rendering seems to be faster in some cases than Single Page Apps which made me go huh!

That's awesome for Pyro, so we might not have to do much to reach SPA User Experience level once we start integrating more of the PWA techniques,

This also might be interesting, Highlights from Chrome Dev Summit 2016

william  —  7 years ago

Love that. Hate SPA's when its not used correctly and when its not needed!

adnan  —  7 years ago

Very much in agreement, .. SPA are meant to enhance user experience (illusion of speed) and if they are not doing that, well, that's not good,

The creator of vue.js tweeted the other day protesting google devs bashing js frameworks during the summit, hh, although, I actually love vue.js,

It's always the responsibility of the developer to use frameworks correctly, in my opinion, Google devs shouldn't take sides and create friction, but, oh well, it can't be helped hh

skoretsky  —  7 years ago