SMTP Setup
Created 10 months ago by cyno

Hi, I've set up SMTP (tested, and working on other sites) in .env file. However non of the emails seems to arrive, and on server log there isn't anything showing the email was sent. Any idea how to fix this?

william  —  10 months ago

Have you made sure all settings in your config directory related to mail is set correctly?

Another good idea to test emails is to use mailtrap.

fatihalp  —  10 months ago

Be sure that SMTP and it's port is allowed in server and firewall. Especially Google Cloud doesn't allow any SMTP port

cyno  —  10 months ago

@fatihalp Yes it is allowed, all the other websites on the same server can use the server SMTP. @william I've checked them, seems fine to me yeah. Also the info on the dashboard seems good as well.

ryanthompson  —  10 months ago

Any logs to substantiate this? SMTP should be pretty straight forward. Maybe show us a desensitized version of your .env file? Which will in turn lock your CP ability to edit settings.

ryanthompson  —  10 months ago

Maybe set the driver to log or something and try then. Could be that it's not working for an environment issue so keep an eye on your logs both application and server.

cyno  —  10 months ago

Will check it on monday, and gonna report back.

cyno  —  10 months ago

Checked the logs, cant really find anything mail related. This is the relevant part of the .env file for smtp setup.

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