Translatable field_type-text is repopulated on edit for locales that should be null with default language value
Created 6 years ago by vargvinter


Here is my example:

I have three languages on the page (en, de, pl), where english is default. On the form I have translatable text input and I want to provide value only for english translation - it works fine for creating the record (translations for de and pl languages are set to null in db). But... If I want to edit this record the text input is populated for german and polish translations with english text. I don't want behaviour like this because german and polish text should be set to null.

If the user does not delete german and polish translations manually from form fields they will be persisted in db on update.

What should I do?

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Sounds like bad behavior on our end - can you open an issue and I'll sort it out?

vargvinter  —  6 years ago

@ryanthompson Thanks for reaction. I have opened an issue: