when we access login page after login as per user it won`t access but now it access
Created 6 years ago by arunbabulavu

We already login from login page on frontend however when we access login page after login as per user it does not access but now it access. if there any solutions for this? Please provide solutions.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Can you re-word this perhaps? Or provide a video link? I don't quite follow 🙍

arunbabulavu  —  6 years ago

Hi Ryanthompson, Thanks for the reply, Request you to help me with the below query, as I had tried many ways to resolve this but failed each time. Scenario: Assume the user has logged into his account using his credentials, and the application has navigated the user to dashboard page till here the flow is working as expected.Here comes actual problem now, when the user has navigated to the previous page by clicking the back arrow/button of the browser, the application is showing the login page though the user had already logged in himself, sessions also have the user id and details which conveys us that user is logged in. We also noticed that after user logged in and navigated to dashboard when the user manually types in the login page URL in the browser address bar application is showing the login page instead it should navigate the user to the dashboard page. We have the above issue with the default pyrocms installation.Can you help us to get any way out of this.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

I see - unfortunately the back button on a browser is not a refresh so the login page is inevitable and expected behavior. However if you were to refresh your page you should be redirected to the dashboard as it does automatically detect that you are already logged in.