Autoprefixing with Assetic?
Created 6 years ago by finnito

I'm using Assetic as recommended to parse my SCSS into CSS. I'd like to be able to use an autoprefixer as part of this process but can't seem to find anything particularly helpful in Google.

Has anyone built this into their workflow? Any hints or tips would be appreciated.


william  —  6 years ago Best Answer

I don't use Assetic. Not being able to do what you request (from my knowledge (been a year since i last checked)), is probably the one reason i absolutely avoid using it. There are more reasons obviously to why i prefer using webpack.

So just use webpack / laravel mix to compile all your style sheets and scripts. Then you could use assetics to pull it in to your theme since it already contains auto-prefixed values at that point.

finnito  —  6 years ago

Thanks @william! I'm looking into Webpack right now - it seems pretty ideal. Just gotta get the hang of it 😄