Best practices for .gitignore?

pdgcreative - 5 months ago

It seems like the default .gitignore file after install is pretty solid. Just wondered if you Pyro3 experts have any best practices or do any tweaking to .gitignore for local / staging / prod deployment workflows and working with multiple developers on a repo at the same time, etc.

ryanthompson - 5 months ago

The only thing I have is global ignores for .DS_Store / .idea and the likes. Just because personal files shouldn't be ignored by the project.

keevitaja - 5 months ago

It really depends on your project, but make sure you always have "pulled in" repositories ignored. Of course only when there is a conventional way to reinstall them. Few examples:


When you create a new repository in GitHub, you will have an option to include vendor node_modules bower_components .sass-cache file. You can also specify your project type there.