broken after update "Method forceSchema does not exist" in Macroable.php
Created 6 years ago by emergingdzns

I've just updated composer and now I'm getting an error message when trying to run php artisan:

In Macroable.php line 96:
Method forceSchema does not exist.

The site is also down now.

It is NOT generating a laravel log file.

I'm not sure what to do at this point, but it's rather critical.

emergingdzns  —  6 years ago

Ok so slight development update... I changed INSTALLED to false in the .env, ran php artisan streams:compile and then changed .env back. Still getting the error. So I then changed the APP_ENV setting to 'local' from 'production' and now the site work and no errors. But now I have that debug bar loading and it's in local mode, which isn't good.

Why does changing to production mode cause this?

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

That's odd.. have you tried restarting your server's PHP service / NGINX it could be OPcache?

You can set the APP_DEBUG=false to disable the debug bar.