Custom module routes on from url base suddenly non-functional
Created 7 years ago by emergingdzns

In my module I have a route called /dashboard. It is in my module services provider file and works just fine locally on my mac when testing. When I put it on our server, it results in a 404 error. I turned on the debug and it’s showing REQUEST_URI “/shboard”. But then it shows ORIGINAL_REQUEST_URI “/dashboard” further down. This only started with the last composer update I did. I tried using just “dash” instead of “dashboard” and got the same thing. But when I prefixed it with the module slug it works fine. Ex: “/horses/dashboard”. It seems that almost all of my custom routes defined in my module service provider are not working UNLESS I have the module slug prefixing them. Oddly "/my-account" and "/vets" works but "/farms", "/trainers", "/dashboard" don't work. What happened recently?

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

The regex was cleaned up in our HTML kernel - one moment while I test against that use cause here.. Is your local install behind?

emergingdzns  —  7 years ago

Thanks @ryanthompson ! I thought I was going nuts or something.