Deploy PyroCMS into shared hosting with limit user access
Created 5 years ago by ithieund

Hi, anyone deployed PyroCMS into Cpanel server with limited user? I copied index.php and .htaccess from /public to / and the front-end worked. But after that when I access /admin then the login page breaks because of incorrect css URL.

Is there a solution for shared hosting? Thank you very much.

emergingdzns  —  5 years ago

First off, you have to have SSH access to the account. You don't need root access, but you need to be able to setup a symlink. Once you SSH into the account. Get into the home folder for your account (where the public_html folder is). Upload all of your application files there (outside of the public_html folder). Then rename public_html to something else like public_html_old. Then make a symlink like this:

ln -s public public_html

Everything else should be ok as-is. Try the site. I think that was all I had to do to get it going but to be honest I'm not 100%. But that should at least get you started...

emergingdzns  —  5 years ago
edster  —  5 years ago

You can change the default route for a domain in cpanel, just redirect the domain to the public folder instead of the main route.