Created 7 years ago by idlethumbs

I've noticed than in importing my DB from one site to another ( i.e local to staging) my backend stops working because of missing files. At the moment I'm copying over 'public', 'resources' and 'storage' to get the site running again. Is there a specific folder I need to be mindful of copying when I move my DB or maybe a better way to move the site?

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

I try and keep ALL supporting information that is volatile (can be changed with content) in the storage/streams directory. It all should be able to be ignored unless you have a private local files disk by chance in the files module.

php artisan streams:compile should be the only big thing you need to do. Possibly mark .env as not installed / then remark as installed is all during the compile.

I usually only have to mind the public/app/files-module directory (file uploads).