Evaluating PryoCMS
Created 6 years ago by brian_at_thelivewiresolutioncom

We are currently evaluating PyroCMS for 2 different projects. The first project is to migrate our wordpress site (which is slow and clunky) and the second project is to create a real estate search website (which is currently a Code Igniter application).

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to install the addons in a dev environment for evaluation before purchasing?
  2. Does anyone have any experience with migrating WordPress over to PryoCMS? Any insight would be valuable.
emergingdzns  —  6 years ago

I'll answer your second question first. I've moved clients from WP to Pyro. There's no "migration" option sadly. We ended up having to essentially do a lot of copy/paste, but that's a pretty trivial thing since it doesn't take a genius to do that. In fact, I'll often pay my teenage son to do data entry type work like this. The biggest issue really is just recreating the theme. If you are wanting to do the exact same design in Pyro, it helps to have a straight HTML version of the theme you are using. But a typical WP site could be converted to Pyro in just a couple days.

As for your first question, on the dev side of things, I'll often setup a subdomain off the main domain to do development on, such as dev.yourdomainname.com. On the server I'll create a new hosted account for the site under that subdomain so as to not cross-contaminate the Pyro instance with WP content. This way I can do development on a "live" url and install all the plugins and modules etc while developing. If what you are referring to is being able to sample the paid plugins, no there's no option for that. However, I highly recommend subscribing to the PRO account for $25/mo so you get access to the large majority of the paid addons (all of the ones listed as PRO). The addons developed by the community are not part of this, but I haven't found anything I couldn't do with the PRO addons on Pryo. If for some reason you decide you just don't want to continue with Pyro you can cancel your PRO account and only be out the $25 for the month. But I don't think you'll be disappointed with what you get in Pyro.

frednwt  —  6 years ago
  1. Nope, but most are free, you can try demo.pyrocms.com, but you may ask @ryanthompson to reset it before (else 500 error will be your friend). For pay community one, you can ask the creator I guess.

  2. No, but I think a real migration might be complicated. The database structure is quite different. If you haven't a lot of contents, copy / paste will probably be the fastest solution. And if you want to keep your theme, you will need to rework it in twig, WP is using some messy PHP, it cannot be used as it.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Welcome! Migration tends to lend itself to automation so no solution for that here. My biggest issue with working with WP in the past has been it's views are all PHP generated (many times).. So that's rough.

BUT taking HTML and integrating it into Pyro is super easy. So as long as you can get your hands on the HTML it's cake. Copy them over into your theme layout / views and then structure your data with streams either the streams module or streams manager (point / click / streams manager).

You can download Pyro into your dev environment and run it and we encourage you to do so in your development workflow. It's basically the same as Laravel + a lot of extras on top 😄

The demo is a little old - gearing up for a 3.5 release in a few days and will update it then. But yes people play kinda hard with it so occasionally I have to reset it manually though it's timed for every hour to reinstall.

Regarding wordpress - our PRO addons really add a lot of extra tools for your developers as well as the end user to make really cool stuff.. We're a CMS but it's geared for applications from the ground up so anything you can throw at it really.. should be handled with relative ease. All you gotta do is dig in cause it does assume a little dev work to fill in the gaps from it's automation (generating custom addons n such). So it's not like WP in that regard which has a lot of off the shelf opportunities (use at your own risk as they may be).

Let me know if you have any other specific questions we are more than happy to help you out here and on our slack group as well.