New error in admin panel
Created 5 years ago by emergingdzns

I went to log into an admin panel on a site I haven't touched in a couple months. No code has changed at least from my doing. No one else has access to it, so I'm not sure why/how this could have happened. I'm now getting this error:

Undefined property: Pyrocms\AccelerantTheme\Listener\ApplySorting::$settings

I honestly don't have time to upgrade the site right at the moment to the latest Pyro. I think this version is like 3.1 or something. Every time I try to update this site, something goes nuclear and I have to rollback because it will take too many hours to debug.

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

Sorry to hear about your troubles keeping the site up to date :-/

That file in particular hasn't been updated since October last year:

Are you overriding it by chance? If so make sure to __construct the parent. Those are automatically resolved there so not sure what else would be the problem... Paste what you have for the class if you want. That files has only ever had 3 commits and settings has been in there the whole time 🙍