Theme & Module assets will not write to public path
Created 6 years ago by emergingdzns

Is there some secret to getting the module and theme assets to write to the public app path? I deployed a project to the apache server and I’m getting 500 errors on images and fonts that DO exist in the theme and module but for some reason won’t write to the public path. I went so far as to make ALL folders in the public folder 777 recursively. But it still won’t do it.

I even tried setting up a brand new Forge server and deploying. It still won't do it!

I'm stuck! Do I have to manually copy those files from the theme and modules now? Is this a new policy or is something broken?

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Sounds like something on the server is being fishy - I would get into the Asset class on the server since it's showing symptoms and dd around the publish method.

emergingdzns  —  6 years ago

So am I supposed to do a publish on the addons? I didn't have to do it on my local system so I didn't figure I'd need to do it on the server.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

No but debugging around that function will give you an idea.

Try asset:clear already?

emergingdzns  —  5 years ago

Damn unix capitalization. Mac isn't picky. Unix is. Ugh.