Created 7 years ago by pavelshtilianov

Hi guys, I was wondering is there a way to add translations from the admin or the only way is to add them in the(addon appropriate) lang files? Lets say I want to change my submit button on event-module's create-event form(some new example form I made in a fairly straightforward custom module). The label is defined as so I can find and change it in addons/.../events-module/..../button.php. But I don't have access to my files/server or I give this to a friend/client who should not touch my code/files. Is there a way to change it from the backoffice(admin part) ? I thought I can use the translator-module, but after installing it I am not sure that is its intended purpose(also I only have EN). this impossible or am I just missing something obvious?

keevitaja  —  7 years ago Best Answer

@pavelshtilianov ,

you can use this but it has one big limitation. Currently it cannot translate addon namespaced translations. but if you just use slugs without namespaced, it does the job.

pavelshtilianov  —  7 years ago

@keevitaja ,

This is perfect, thanks! Required, installed and works like a charm. And I can just use the bundles to simulate my namespaces if needed right(events-module = bundle events).