404 urls turns to 500 error
Created 3 years ago by nqben

Hi, Wasn't sure i should put it under Laravel, but the installation of PyroCMS is build with laravel so thought it obvious :D

Anyway, I have an issue where I type a random url that does not exist. i get error 500. It fails in /vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Http/Request.php at line 639 > $this->all() + $this->route()->parameters()

The route() object is null and calling parameters() on null throws the error, for now I bypassed it by checking if route object is null, but this is no where a permanent solution.

How ever if i go to a page that do exist, the route() object/instance is there and can call parameters(), so theres is something wrong/missing when handling non existing routes.

How can i make this more a permanent solution, is a setting or setup wrong in pyrocms/laravel, that I need to change/create?

Please feel free to ask if you need more information PyroCMS v. 3.7, Laravel 5.8, PHP 7.2.34,

when i type "php artisan" i do see some streams.