Dashboard Module welcome page got 502 gateway error
Created 7 years ago by oimken

After i login admin and be redirect tohttp://pyro.local/admin/dashboard/view/welcome, the 502 error shows up. I trace down the problem and I got the problem is a twig view file core/anomaly/dashboard-module/resources/views/admin/dashboards/partials/columns.twig when I remove the section below in that file, everything fine agian:

            {% set column = dashboard.widgets.column(loop.index, loop.last) %}

            {% for widget in column %}
                {{ widget.output()|raw }}
            {% endfor %}
oimken  —  7 years ago

what's the problem, I did not change any code in core, just add a page type.

oimken  —  7 years ago

I can not edit my post ...got 500 error. btw: I can visit any other admin page such as http://pyro.local/admin/pages/types, only dashboard got that 502 error

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Can you post what the exception being thrown is?

oimken  —  7 years ago

There is no exception thrown´╝î just the "502 Bad Gateway", I try to find something useful in storage\logs, none found.

oimken  —  7 years ago

I fixed it by run : php artisan module:reinstall anomaly.module.dashboard Still don't know what cause it, but reinstall will make it work agian.