[files-module] can't upload MP3 files
Created 5 years ago by mbeemsterboer_at_hageveldnl

Hi, I have added mp3 as the allowed file extension in de Documents Folder, but whenever I want to upload a mp3 file I get the following error message: local.ERROR: exception 'Exception' with message 'The file must be a file of type: pdf, docx, mp3.'

I can upload pfd and docx files just fine, but with mp3 I always receive that error. I tried this both in local development (artisan serve) and on a production server. In both cases the same error.

Does anyone know what triggers the error and how I can solve this? Thanks!

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago Best Answer

This is essentially a server interpretation error.. we really need a better way to find out what the server thinks of file mimes but try this: upload the file to a wide open folder and see what the mime is listed as in the table and you can add that verbatim to the folder restraints.

mbeemsterboer_at_hageveldnl  —  5 years ago

Thanks for the tip! I didn't know you could remove the allowed file types in order to upload anything you'd like. That worked! The mime type is audio/mpeg. You can only add file extensions, so adding mpeg and mp3 doesn't fix the error message. For now a wide open folder will work for me.