FTP as files storage
Created 4 years ago by rusinowiczjakub

Hey everyone, I was trying to find any information about using ftp server as my files storage. I've created ftp connection in filesystem.php in config, disk with ftp slug, and folder which is associated with created disk. When I upload file it's being stored in local file system except FTP. Is it possible to store files on external FTP not in local file system?

ryanthompson  —  4 years ago

Currently, Pyro requires an Extension to negotiate between the Laravel filesystem and files module. I don't see one available for FTP anywhere but I could certainly make one. It'd be maybe $10/$15 or an active PRO membership. I'll whip one up here in the next day or so.

geezombie  —  4 years ago


I was looking for an FTP adapter as well. Would really appreciate if there was such thing. I do have active membership as well.

geezombie  —  4 years ago

@ryanthompson is there any update on this?

PS: (I am a PRO member)