[Grids & Repeaters] Not uninstalled with: php artisan addon:uninstall anomaly.module.grids
Created 5 years ago by finnito

Hey all!

I'm trying to uninstall the grids and repeaters modules because I don't use them on a particular site (I'm using multi-site).

If I run the commands they seem to be successful:

sudo -u _www php artisan addon:uninstall anomaly.module.repeaters --app=hiking
The [anomaly.module.repeaters] module was uninstalled.

sudo -u _www php artisan addon:uninstall anomaly.module.grids --app=hiking
The [anomaly.module.grids] module was uninstalled.

But when I reload the admin panel, they're still there and I can still use them. What gives? Hah.

Thanks 😄

finnito  —  5 years ago

I just checked my DB:

WHERE `namespace` IN (
id  namespace               installed   enabled
14  anomaly.module.grids        0       0
27  anomaly.module.repeaters    0       0

So, that's extra odd.

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

To properly remove them after uninstalling you'll need to run composer remove anomaly/grids-module and same for blocks. The field type is not subject to the module.. which should be adjusted (I will handle that 😊). However to accomplish what you are trying to do please use composer to remove the addons entirely after uninstall.

finnito  —  5 years ago

@ryanthompson Ah, they are used on other sites in the multisite install so I don't think I'll composer remove them at this stage, but thanks for the fix 😄

Was just super baffled as to why they would still show up in the admin panel when uninstalled. Seems like they aren't playing to the same rules as the other addons?