Notification module?
Created 5 years ago by shift8web

Is this module (/anomalylabs/notifications-module) no longer being actively developed? Would certainly save time as I'm just trying to build something that will notify users when new "posts" are made.

ryanthompson  —  5 years ago

I haven't reviewed it in 3.5 environment. In MY opinion it needs an overhaul. I missed the mark just slightly when originally making it.

For example instead of notifications per extension I would like the delivery channels to be the extensions and the addons to define notifications available similar to how settings work for example. Then you can subscribe to an event and choose which channels you would like to receive it over.

That would also give you the opportunity to customize the message per notification since it's not bound up in the notification extension.

I've not had much discussion it but would be cool to finish it out if there was interest!