Page Module - Page Type page handler dropdown not populating
Created 7 years ago by damian_nz

This was answered for me not too long ago by Ryan Thompson in Slack but it was long enough ago that it's now lost to history. By asking here we shall no longer have that issue.

The edit form for a page type is not populating the handler dropdown and is displaying the translation key (

This is on a site being upgraded from Beta 3 so could be a DB issue. I have made the column change to the pages_types table and the slug change to the streams_fields table. Was there another step not covered by the gist?

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Check the extension search string that the page handler field is looking for and make sure it matches the $provides parameter for the handler (in the extension class).

Also make sure the new handler (cause I think it changed names since beta) is installed/enabled or it won't display.