[Streams Module] How to apply stream level permissions to a user group?
Created 7 years ago by mattcdavis1

How do i apply stream level permissions to a user role? For example, users in role "X" can view entries in stream "A" but not entries in stream "B". And users in role "Y" can edit entries in stream "D" but cannot delete.

The only permissions i'm seeing so far are at a module level: https://goo.gl/fWgDTP

fryiee  —  7 years ago

Is this through the streams module itself (dynamically) or through code?

mattcdavis1  —  7 years ago

Ideally this should be handle in the users module which is where permissions are managed. Also, I'm talking about admin area so i'm not sure how this would be handled with code without touching core unless there are events are already in place that correspond with the permissions i need.

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

@fryiee ya this is in the addon itself which is a little rough. I agree it should be handled where permissions are handled so it can be more grainular. As it is now it's just a sweeping "Allowed Roles" type thing. So hooks / callbacks would be your only course of action right now.

I can definitely put this on my list for the streams module update - if you want to spin up an issue I'll make sure it get's in sooner than later.

mattcdavis1  —  7 years ago

k - i've added an issue for this: https://github.com/pyrocms/pyrocms/issues/4323