Table Filter isn't working (I'll have a topic for each of these soon apparently =/)
Created 6 years ago by edster

Sigh, here I go again.

Trying to get a table filter to work after following the guide on the site. I tried tweaking things around, I'm GUESSING my handler is fucked up? But if I DD in the handle function, it doesn't trigger, so I don't know what I did wrong.

Here is what I have

Table collection contains the following sets of data.

$tableData = collect();
        $buildings = Auth::user()->buildings()->get();

        // Push the data to a collection to use in the table builder
        foreach ($buildings as $building) {
            foreach ($building->documents as $document){
                    'document_name' => $document->name,
                    'building_name' => $building->name,
                    'building_address' => $building->address['formatted'],
                    'document' => $document

        //Push it to the table builder

        //Render the table
        return $table->render();

My table columns

            'entry.document_name' =>[
                    'heading' => 'Document Name'
                'sort_column' => 'file_date',
                'heading' => 'File Date',
                'value'   => function ($entry) {

                    return $entry['document']->updated_at == NULL ? $entry['document']->created_at->format('Y-m-d') : $entry['document']->updated_at->format('Y-m-d');
            'entry.building_name' => [
                'heading' => 'Building'
            'entry.building_address'=> [
                'heading' => 'Building Address'

My beautiful filter that refuses to work

 public function handle(DocumentTableBuilder $builder)
            'building_name' => [
                'filter'      => 'input',
                'query'       => DocumentTableBuildingFilter::class,
                'placeholder' => 'Building Number',

And the handler

public function handle(Builder $query, FilterInterface $filter)
        $query->where($filter->getSlug(), 'LIKE', "%{$filter->getValue()}%");
ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Hmmm.. filters don't run when you set the table entries manually.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

I don’t see any reason you need to set entries manually. Usually you only run into that when you are using non-models. Like an API response for example.

Try using the onQuerying callback to do your auth restriction using where on the provided Builder $query.