Use blog module for faqs and glossar items
Created 6 years ago by henrik

Hello, currently i'm asking myself how to solve this problem:

I would like to have a FAQ and a Glossar module which could be really work and look in the backend like the blog module. So ideally i would like to clone the blog module twice and rename it to faq and glossar ;-) Or should I add new stream field to the post module to separate blog, faq and glossar posts to each other?

What would u guys suggestion to make this working in a clean pyrocms way.

Thanks Henrik

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Eh don't bother! Copying and fishing through what you need and don't need would be rough. FAQs can be a super straight forward stream (streams module) and feed that to a page or a simple custom module:

php artisan make:addon henrik.module.faq
php artisan make:stream faqs henrik.module.faq

I assume you mean "Glossary" in which case do the same thing.

By posts are you looking for FAQ types or just a way to add fields? Cause you can add fields super easily: