Need some useful Plugins.
Created 7 years ago by gorn

Hi, there is an idea to build some catalog site with functionality similar to this one: but focusing on different subject and launched on Pyro. Need some recommendations on useful addons and plugins for ex. community hub just like on site attached above.

emergingdzns  —  7 years ago

Gorn, I'm not sure anyone has built such a module for PyroCMS 3 as of yet. However, I wouldn't be surprised if you find some eager developers looking to take on the task. Pyro is most certainly a great platform to build your site on. Good Luck!

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

You could certainly build this with Pyro but I don't have anything pre-built that would accomodate that. All in all though it's not likely very hard to do. Pyro does a good job of reducing things to their simplest components (streams / fields broken up into addons).

gorn  —  7 years ago

Late reply, sorry for that. That is it - the site should be simple and lightweight to workas fast as possible, that's why the question is here :D There are no premade plugins that will help? Ok, so there is a need to built it just on Pyro maybe :D Thanks for advices