Passing data from contact plugin to redirected page
Created 5 years ago by machinedean

Hi there,

I don't suppose if anyone knows whether it is possible with the contact plugin ( to redirect like this:

.from('{email}')|raw }}```

I essentially want to pass data submitted on the contact form to the subsequent page.


machinedean  —  5 years ago

I'd be grateful for any insight into this one? Thank you!

edster  —  5 years ago

The contact form doesn't work that way. It is a plugin for simple implementations, if you want to customize it more I would build out a form with your own logic and render that instead.

machinedean  —  5 years ago

Thanks edster, that's disappointing to hear - I was advised incorrectly by someone on the Slack workspace! Not to worry, I will investigate using a form.