Problem with plugin and view
Created 6 years ago by elohim418tk

398/5000 I'm starting with Pyro and I think it's excellent, I created my first plugin which consults an api to bring a list of crypto currencys, with this I create a table, the plugin works correctly, use as a guide the videos of creation of module, nevertheless when wanting to show the table in the home page, it shows me the html of the plugin view but not the parameters ... what will I be doing wrong ??

the content does not come from the database but from a json file that I create from the query, in the service provider create a route that goes to the index of the template, if extending the template to default works correctly when entering the path that declares but does not show me the json variables if I do an include in the home page. = (

elohim418tk  —  6 years ago

Resolved use getFunctions () and new \ Twig_SimpleFunction. =)