Streams pagination
Created 6 years ago by gonziis

Hey I need some more explanation about EloquentCriteria::paginate(). As I understand {{ posts.links|raw }} is supposed to return an actual pagination element? But it's not displaying anything for me. Perhaps it could be of my custom theme. Is there any more detailed information about where to change the variables and code for pagination? I looked up on Laravel documentation about LengthAwarePaginator, but it seems to be a total custom pagination, I could create a pagination from that documentation, but it seems unnecessarily complicated, isn't there a more simple way?

gonziis  —  6 years ago

Ok, I found a solution, as expected, pretty easy. {{ stream.render()|raw }} worked.

But now I noticed that the pagination links don't keep the GET request data, it just does ?page=* overwriting all current GET variables. Any way to solve this?