CLI Tools for Making Fields and Assignments
Created 4 years ago by ryanthompson

We need something very similar to:

In core to be able to scaffold addons more thoroughly and faster.

This will also lead to adding a "Build" button to the Streams module for example.

edster  —  4 years ago

YES FINALLY, been pushing this for ages 😛

william  —  4 years ago

What we seriously need yesterday, is a way to do "page types" scaffolded..

squatto  —  4 years ago

To make my life easier when creating page, I created a PageTypeSeeder base class that I extend from to create a page type seeder. One sec and I'll throw them on a gist...

squatto  —  4 years ago

You'll want to tweak this (obviously) to be specific to your project, but here is what I did:

squatto  —  4 years ago

I did the same type of thing to create pages with a seeder:

krisslee  —  2 weeks ago

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