How to override default admin style on the add/edit entry form ?
Created 7 years ago by pepijn

Here’s a UI question, is it possible for me to override the admin "add/edit entry" view ?

Poking around in the source, I stumbled upon the ‘FormBuilder’ and ‘FormPresenter’ classes, but I can’t find an example on how to use them. What I want to do is to add a few bootstrap classes to the fields, in order to display them on the same line, instead of having a new line for every field

Here's an illustration of what I want to achieve:

Aside from resizing the fields, I would also like to control the order of the fields

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago Best Answer

Take a look at the Section Definition for forms. You can define a view and just render the particular fields you would like. The form will be available within the view.

Take a look at the core views for sections to get an idea of how those work:

pepijn  —  7 years ago

@ryanthompson Can't believe I missed that in the docs 😄 Thanks!

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

No worries! Be sure to mark accepted to encourage others 😊